Document Meta Data

Document Meta Data Properties allow for tags to be applied to documents in the system. They are singular in nature and tend to not change very much. They can be any datatype. Document meta data properties are inserted at the following end point.

Add or update Document Meta

Creating document meta & linking meta to accepted meta values.

Parameter Value
End Point
Content Type application/json
    "code": "doctype",
    "label": "Document Type",
    "description": "Document Type",
    "dataType": "STRG",
    "formatCode": "",
    "cardinality": "1",
    "validationRule": "VALUES",
    "acceptedValues": ["Factsheet", "KIID", "Other"],
    "acceptedValuesOverride": {
        "entityType": "CLSS",
        "propertyCode": "isin"
    "linkedMeta": [
            "metaValue": "Factsheet",
            "linked": {
                "fundinfo_abbreviation": "MR",
                "target_audience": ["Professional", "Private"]
Parameter Data Type Required Value
code string(32) true unique identifier for the doc meta. Lower, snake case.
label string(32) true A human friendly label
description string(64) true A human friendly label
validationRule string(32) true NONE or VALUES. VALUES will check against acceptedValues or the values inferred by the acceptedValuesOverride and prevent insertion if not in the given list
acceptedValues string(32)[] false An array of accepted string values.
cardinality enum false 1 or N
acceptedValuesOverride object false Allows acceptedValues be derived from entity data rather than a fixed set of values
acceptedValuesOverride.entityType enum true FUND, CLSS, ACCT, BMRK
acceptedValuesOverride.propertyCode string true The code corresponding to the entityType
formatCode string false The format code for the corresponding numeric format or date format, depends on the dataType
linkedMeta object false Allows configuring additional values that will be inferred for a document that is tagged with a particular acceptedValue
linkedMeta[].metaValue string true Identifies which acceptedValue this inferred meta is related to
linkedMeta[].linked object true Contains the key-value pairs of inferred meta. The keys of this object needs to be unique across all the document meta codes.

Given the above example, if a document is tagged as the doctype as being a "Factsheet", it will also get the inferred meta of fundinfo_abbreviation being "MR" and target_audience being both "Professional" and "Private".